Hackathon Registration – Now Open

For our project “Hacking Heritage”, Karin Wenz and I are organising a cultural hackathon. The event will take place in Maastricht on February 7 and 8 (Saturday/Sunday). You can now register for the hackathon on hackheritage.org.

During the hackathon, we will create innovative, digital projects related to Limburg’s mining heritage: how can we show material and visualise data related to the mining history of the region? Did you always want to create an app, design an augmented reality game, build an interacti

ve installation, and work together with creative people on a digital project? Bring your ideas, laptops, smartphones, any material you would like to use, and join us on:

February 7-8, 2015 at the Continium Discovery Experience in Maastricht (Boschstraat 30a, 6211 AX Maastricht).

This hackathon is not only for programmers: we invite people from various
backgrounds and with different interests to join us – hackers, students and professionals from arts and heritage, media culture, design, computer science, or engineering are all likewise welcome!


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