Learning to…code with Freecodecamp

As mentioned before, I am starting a blog post series “Learning to…” in which I reflect on my experiences with learning resources for digital skills such as coding and programming. I started with Freecodecamp.org. Here are my first (early and enthusiastic) impressions and I may update this post from time to time still.

Freecodecamp is a website guiding and supporting users in learning digital skills such as coding. Apart from online courses, there are also a forum, the possibility to chat with other community members and news updates. It was founded and financed by former teacher Quincy Larson. Kudos Quincy!

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Learning to….

As part of my research project on hacking and making as learning, I am starting a post series titled “Learning to…”. As you may know, I interview people about how they learn, for example, to code or to build electronics. But it’s one thing to talk the talk and another to walk the walk. Therefore I also want to explore what it is like to learn yourself. Among other things, I am therefore collecting online resources and participating in various online learning platforms for coding. I will also participate in courses/meetups offered by communities and not-for-profit initiatives. Let’s see if I even make it to a coding bootcamp… 😉 I will start with a reflection on my experiences with freecodecamp.org. More will follow soon.